PUL - processing personal data

Personal information provided to us is used for the administration and execution of agreements and the completion of the various measures the customer has requested before and after the agreements have been entered into. Data is also processed to enable us to meet our statutory obligations.

Personal information may form the basis of our market and customer analysis, business and process development and statistics and risk management. If direct mail blocking has not been requested, we may use the information for marketing purposes. In tasks conducted via telephone, data is also processed by recording telephone conversations. In order to maintain good customer and file maintenance, we may supplement personal data by obtaining information from private and public records, such as updating the address information using the Swedish National Person and Address Register, SPAR.
  For specific purposes, with regard to the principles of confidentiality, personal data may sometimes be passed on to companies that Garantum works with. If a customer wishes to know what personal information is held by Garantum, the customer is entitled, once a year, to request this information from Garantum in writing.
  A customer may also request that they do not receive direct mail from Garantum or request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete personal data.

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